Zmiana Learning Agreement

The basic documents that our office needs are: the personal data of the RGPD, the learning agreement, the comparison card, the voting card. NI must translate additional documents into BWM, if one is required by the partner university, is a faculty or coordinator of the institute (and in some cases also the dean), approves topics that are carried out at a foreign university, if please do not address issues related to the institution or changes in the curriculum at the Office of International Cooperation. NOTE: Any change to the curriculum requires the preparation of a new charter of arrangements and comparisons! Bilateral Agreements, PIM, Freemover, German-Polish Academic Forum (and double degree programs without Erasmus scholarships) These cards are filled in Polish in three copies before departure. At LA KU, we insert the subjects that apply to the SGGW student during his or her stay at the partner university. On the basis of an accepted curriculum – “Learning Convention”, Dean determines for the didactic /director of studies / doctoral student (by checking “YES” or “NO”) that will be credited to the student upon his return from study under the Erasmus program. In kp, we specify which subjects will be implemented in the partner university, will count the different subjects for the student at the SGGW. The basis for determining substitutes for typical PKs is the convergence of learning achievements and NOT the “one-for-one” theme. Interchangeability should be 50% horizontal – one element. In the case of the CPC and the PC, it is necessary to indicate the educational components that the student would implement at the sending university and which will be replaced and recognized by the implementation of the training program abroad. ——————————————————————————————————————————— | Careful! The contract must not be concluded or | For each student, the contract is generated from USOS. . New insurance requirements for Erasmus participants in Turkey. Erasmus National Agency: .

The first step is to create an individual account on the BWM website and complete the application form on . ——————————————————————————————————————————— . . Erasmus (travel to the countries of the programme) offers a grant of between 400 and 720 euros per month, depending on the country of residence, the type of departure and the financial situation of the student`s departure. The student`s special health needs provide additional financial support. For Erasmus trips to partner countries (outside Europe), the student receives a monthly grant of 700 euros and travel expenses.

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